Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Why a Trade Regulation Blog?

When I started writing about antitrust and trade regulation law in 1981, my contact with practitioners was limited to my words on the page, networking at legal conferences, and the occasional letter or telephone call. Some lawyers, hearing through the grapevine about a particularly important court decision, would call to request that we mail out a hard copy to them. We were happy to use any method of communication available.

As time went on, we adapted to new media and technology. In 1997, we provided the Trade Regulation Reporter and Business Franchise Guide on CD-ROM and added RICO Business Disputes Guide soon thereafter. Three years later, we launched the publications on the web, through the CCH Internet Research Network. A few years ago, we started “pushing out” electronic versions of the Trade Regulation Reports weekly newsletter by e-mail.

Surveying the communications landscape, a blog appeared to be the next logical step to connecting with our customers and colleagues. A blog will enable us to post news in real time and receive responses almost immediately. The casual nature of a blog will allow us to comment more informally about policies and trends and will facilitate discussion among practitioners, government enforcers, students, and scholars.

We understand that, these days, legal research is performed in various formal and informal ways. In addition to using traditional research methods, lawyers may consult electronic newsletters, practice area listservs, legal news web sites, and specialized blogs. We ask that you check us out in the days and weeks to come. We invite you contribute to the discussion. Our goal is to become part of your online information gathering—and information sharing—routine.

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