Friday, July 20, 2007

Privacy Law in Marketing Is Subject of New CCH Reporter

Information gathered through marketing efforts can be personal, valuable, and subject to a variety of U.S. and international laws and regulations governing its collection, protection, and use. A single security breach, careless handling of such information, or misuse in further marketing campaigns can result in serious legal liability.

That's why Wolters Kluwer Law & Business has launched a new publication (in print and online) to help untangle the complex web of legal regulation from around the world. CCH Privacy Law in Marketing brings together everything needed to deal with this emerging area of law.

The monthly-updated reporter combines treatise-style explanations by D. Reed Freeman, Jr. and J. Trevor Hughes with the full text of federal privacy laws and regulations, state privacy laws, and privacy laws and regulations from 33 foreign jurisdictions (provided in English translation).

Privacy topics include:

-- Telemarketing
-- E-mail marketing/”Spam”
-- Marketing to wireless devices
-- Cookies and web beacons
-- Information security
-- Identity theft
-- Phishing
-- Children’s privacy
-- Fax marketing
-- Online privacy policies
-- Customer proprietary network information
-- Use of Social Security numbers
-- International privacy law

Monthly reports will include new and amended laws and regulations, court decisions and other new developments, a list of pending legislation, and an informative newsletter.

To obtain further information about Privacy Law in Marketing, call the CCH customer service department (1-800-248-3248) or visit the CCH Online Store ( and search the keyword “privacy.”

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