Friday, March 12, 2010

FTC Commissioner Jones Harbour Resigns

This posting was written by John W. Arden. Editor of CCH Trade Regulation Reporter.

Following the Senate confirmation of her successor last week, Federal Trade Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour submitted her resignation as Commissioner, effective April 6, 2010.

Commissioner Jones Harbour will be succeeded by Julie Brill, who was confirmed by the Senate on March 3, along with fellow FTC nominee Edith Ramirez.

Brill will serve a seven-year term, starting from September 26, 2009, the date that Jones Harbour’s term expired.

“During my six and one-half years on the Commission, I have had the privilege of serving with eight tremendously talented Commissioners,” said Jones Harbour. “I thank all of them for their fellowship and friendship, and for always keeping me "on my game."

She also thanked FTC senior managers and career staff for their substantive expertise and their devotion to the agency’s competition and consumer protection missions.

“These individuals are the real driving force behind the Commission's tradition of excellence, and I will always be proud of all we have accomplished together,” said the Commissioner.

The March 10 statement by Jones Harbour appears here on the FTC website.

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